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Company Profile

Shanghai CIMIC Holdings CO., LTD began operations in 1993, offering China the first Polished Porcelain Tile, CIMIC name this product “Bo Hua China”; today this name has become the generic name for porcelain tile in China. 

CIMIC currently operates two manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Jiangxi with a total of 19 Kiln and an annual capacity of 27 million square meters. As of August 2007, CIMIC is officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. State-of-the-art technology is adopted in the production, sophisticated Italian-made equipment (like the INKCID system) and innovative processes ensure excellent color consistency, guaranteeing the high quality of final products.

CIMIC Holding is part of CIMIC GROUP which has operations in consumer goods, real estate, building materials, education, electronics and communications industries. Shareholders include Morgan Stanley Investment Group, BENQ, Delta Electronics and other business groups from both Taiwan and USA.

"We only make the best" , this is our mission statement and also reflect the true spirit of CIMIC.